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Microservice DSL (MDSL)

A Domain-Specific Language (DSL) to specify (micro-)service contracts, their data representations and API endpoints.

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Integration Scenarios and User/Job Stories

Note: The status of these language concept is Experimental Preview. The grammar and the tool support might change, in breaking ways, in future versions of MDSL.

Use Cases (When to Specify)

The MDSL grammar foresees three scenario types and four story types for this optional MDSL concept:

enum ScenarioType:

enum StoryType:

Language Concepts (Overview)

The grammar combines elements from a common user story template with the given-when-then structure in BDD and (A)TDD:

	'scenario' name=ID ('type' type=ScenarioType)? stories+=IntegrationStory*

	('story' name=ID ('type' type=StoryType)? related+=RelatedStories*)?
	('when' condition=STRING)? // precondition 
	('a'|'an'|'the') (client=STRING | 'API' 'client') // actor, persona
	'wants' 'to' action=Action on+=StoryObject*  // the responsibility/feature
	('yielding' outcome=STRING)? // postcondition 
	('so' 'that' goal=STRING)? // business impact

The keyword CRUD is short for create, read, update, delete; CQRS is available as well.


scenario Scenario1
  story Story1
   when "something has happened" // trigger
   a "customer and/or integrator" // role (can be system)
   wants to "startProcess" in "location"// business activity 
   yielding "a result" // outcome
   so that "both actors are satisfied and profit is made" // goal 
  story Story2
    a API client
    wants to CRUD "SomeBusinessObject"

Scenarios and their stories can be turned into flows and endpoint types. See this page for an overview of the available transformations.

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